What is going on with the recycling program in Boise? I mean, it used to be so easy...just toss plastics, cardboard, and paper in your bin and you help the environment. Well, there have been some changes in the last few months; and now there are orange bags to deal with? If you're trying to figure out what the heck is going on, you're not the only one. KTVB, broke it down for you and me so we can get back to helping planet Earth.

So here's the deal. China announced stricter bans on certain types of plastics, making recycling companies change up the way they recycle to avoid all those banned plastics end up in the landfill. The change is known as the "Hefty EnergyBag Program." If, we go along with the changes, where will those banned plastics go? According to KTVB, they actually head to Salt City, where they will be turned into diesel fuel! Here's a breakdown of what needs to go in your regular trash bin, recycling bin, and those orange bags.

Credit: CurbIt via Scribd