Celebrating the spooky season can be totally fun and family friendly, but it can also be beyond scary... it just depends on how you like to celebrate Halloween, I guess. Answer this question and you’ll know exactly which type you are...

Would you rather go to a trunk-or-treat event, or go looking for actual spirits at a haunted cemetery?

Where are all my fellow trunk-or-treaters?! LOL. If you’re like me, you prefer the family-friendly activities.

However, there are some gray areas. Maybe you enjoy learning about the haunted places in your area, but you would never enjoy going to them? If that’s you, keep reading! A recent article from Cheapism shares Spooky Graveyards Across the Country that are definitely worth visiting for an earie experience during Halloween.

They said...

“Why pay admission to a haunted house to get spooked, when cemeteries and the paranormal seem to fit hand in glove, especially as Halloween approaches? In every state, there's a graveyard where visitors have seen, heard, or felt spirits or other unexplained phenomena — or fallen victim to some eerie stories and their own imaginations. Almost all these atmospheric, often beautiful cemeteries are free to enter.”

So, what cemetery did they choose for Idaho?

Kenneth Tomiak | Google Maps
Kenneth Tomiak | Google Maps

Fort Boise Military Cemetery

"Due to flooding in the early 1900s, more than 150 graves had to be moved to the current location of Fort Boise Military Cemetery — potentially disturbing the dead and leading to the appearance of restless soldiers, children, and a woman dressed in a black gown. As late as 1998, an additional three bodies, possibly of Civil War soldiers, were found and reburied.”

Yeah, you wouldn’t catch me seeking a spooky experience there — I’ll see y’all at the trunk-or-treats haha!

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