When we asked on our Facebook page if "you could bring one restaurant back to the Treasure Valley, which one is it?" it probably brought back some great memories. These were places where you had your first date, a birthday, celebrated a milestone, or was your favorite pizza place. 

How many restaurants in the Treasure Valley do you miss? 

Looking at what people mentioned in the comments, most of them are locally owned and operated. There are a handful of chain restaurants on the list that stood out. Some chain restaurants that didn't make the list below include, On the Boarder, Black Angus, and Maire Callenders. Earlier this year, the announcement of Marie Callenders opening a new location was made after it closed its doors in 2018. 

When we see so many people agree with the return of what was once one of their favorite restaurants, it's hard not to wonder why they closed in the first place. So it's great to see the interaction in the comments when someone mentions a restaurant and the memories people share, like this interaction here. 


Personally, nothing comes to mind when thinking about a restaurant that closed and would want to bring back. I miss places I enjoyed growing up, but nothing ever closed. 

Could any places on this list make a comeback? 

Some restaurants that people mentioned but didn't make into the top 8 were Anna's Cafe, The Torch, The Dutch Goose, the Pantry, and The Wave. Ready to see the list of the most popular restaurants people miss the most in the Treasure Valley? 

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