Y’all, I’ve been craving some pie lately, and I just found out today is actually National “Pi” Day!

Yes, for both kinds of pie haha — math AND the delicious dessert.

To celebrate, we found the best dessert pies in Idaho and made a list of the 10+ places in the Boise area 👇

National Today says...

“Pi Day is on March 14, and any day that combines fun, education, and pie is a day worth celebrating! Pi, also known by the Greek letter “π,” is a constant value used in math that represents the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is just about 3.14….15…9265359… (and so on).”

I’ve never been that great at math, but I’m really great at eating pie! But where is the best dessert pie in Idaho? According to Lovefood, Heather's Handmade Pies makes Idaho’s Sweetest Dessert Pies.

Heather's Handmade Pies at Pie Hut in Sandpoint, Idaho

Steve | Google Maps
Steve | Google Maps

They said, “Opened by Heather Gross in 2004, Pie Hut's delicious pies are a much sought-after treat in Sandpoint and beyond. Known for the adventurous flavors, incredible lattice work on classic pies and seasonal specialties, Pie Hut's pies are a thing of beauty. Don't leave here without trying the classic raspberry, strawberry and cherry pies or order a crème brûlée pie (if you can get your hands on one). Pie Hut's top-seller, it's a baked custard-style pie with a Graham cracker crust and a crispy sugar shell that's toasted to order.”

Here are 10+ shops all throughout the Treasure Valley that will definitely satisfy your pie cravings — no matter what your favorite kind of pie is 👇

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