Let us start off by saying that we're all for people doing what they want... but sometimes people take that concept and take things a bit too far.

Are we better than this?

Some of our parents taught us to be "gentlemen" or "lady-like." We're not talking about outdated principles either - we mean manners, how we portray ourselves, and pride in how we treat others and the environment around us.

Unfortunately, there is one particular thing people seem to be doing every single day that just has some of us scratching our heads:

Spitting in public.

Look - we get it, sometimes you just have to... "get it out" (ick) and we understand there isn't a spittoon or trash can around all the time, especially when we need it. But as with any bodily function that isn't appropriate to display in public: can't we have better self-control?

Just this morning, on the way to work, we saw four people hocking up loogies (again... ick) with no regard for the people around them. We saw two hock out of their driver-side windows at a stoplight, one spit on the bridge over the river on Broadway, and another spitting at the gas pump like he was on the mound in the World Series.

What does the law say?

Boise and even California's law on spitting makes it very clear that the dirty habit is forbidden in public places:

To promote and protect the public health of the inhabitants of the City, it shall be a misdemeanor ... for any person to expectorate or spit in any public water fountain; or on the floor, wall, ceiling, furniture, fixtures or equipment in any building open to and used by the public...

Now, we know what you're asking: "So, where am I supposed to hock one of them bad boys up?"

Don't worry, lawmakers thought of that and according to them, you can use "toilet facilities used as receptacles for human waste, cuspidors, spittoons or in any other receptacle located within said building specifically designed or utilized as a depository for expectorate or spit."

Let's be better, y'all.

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