Located in the Bench, the Boise home "is an entertainer's dream," according to the realtor. In the initial picture of the listening, you can see that the kitchen is lower than the rest of the living space. One or two steps seem normal, but this picture has a significant drop-off. Looking at the rest of the house, it's a perfect home for someone who does like to entertain.

Holly Thomas-Mowery/Fathom Realty
Holly Thomas-Mowery/Fathom Realty

The house has a big inground pool in the backyard, a waterslide, and an outdoor bar and kitchen. You can't forget about the hot tub. Bonus, there's still plenty of yard on this .27-acre lot for the dogs to run around. The front of the house has some curb appeal, but it also feels like student living, which the realtor mentions in the property details, saying, "Ideal for student housing or multiple tenants, with shared kitchen and living spaces."

It's not a small house either, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and over 2,300 sqft. Let's get back to this kitchen. It sure would feel as if the kitchen was in the basement without the windows allowing as much natural light into the space as it does. If you're tall enough, you can see out the kitchen windows, which are level with the backyard and pool views.

Holly Thomas-Mowery/Fathom Realty
Holly Thomas-Mowery/Fathom Realty

If you don't want to use this as an income-producing property, you'll probably want to upgrade some things, like the outdoor bar and kitchen. The kitchen itself could use a little updating, along with the bathrooms in the home. The house is listed for $525,000.

Boise Home Bench With Basement Kitchen

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2,300 sqft.
  • 0.27 acres
  • "Entertainer's Dream"

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