Let’s find out what Idaho’s favorite and most popular Thanksgiving casserole is.

There’s a recent article from Cheapism that shares each state’s most popular Thanksgiving casserole. They say, “Wherever you're from, you can almost bet turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls will be part of the spread at Thanksgiving dinner, no matter whose table you're seated at.”

“Another thing you're likely to find — no, we're not talking about the cranberry sauce that maybe one person will scoop up — is some type of casserole. From corn bakes to potato-inspired dishes, each state has a favorite casserole — and maybe it's yours too.”

So, what is Idaho’s most popular Thanksgiving casserole?

Green Bean Casserole

Honestly, that sounds about right. I feel like oftentimes I don’t agree with the results of these polls and studies, but this sounds pretty fair and on point.

What is green bean casserole?

Cheapism says, “It's gooey, its savory, and it only requires four ingredients. No wonder people go gaga for green beans. This casserole, a favorite on Thanksgiving dinner tables across the nation.”

Yes, when it comes to favoring green bean casserole, we are definitely not alone, as 17 other states say this is their most popular Thanksgiving casserole, too! Well... 15 other states if you subtract Oregon and California for saying theirs is gluten-free haha.









New Mexico

North Dakota




Arizona (loaded green beans)

Missouri (loaded green beans)

Washington (loaded green beans)

California (gluten-free)

Oregon (gluten-free)

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