If there are two things that are essential to every gameday tailgate, it’s food and beer. This past weekend, Boise State kicked off their home opener in epic fashion, spanking UT Martin 30-7. But the true victory of the day wasn’t happening inside of Albertsons Stadium. Instead, the real story was in the parking lot where hundreds if not thousands gathered to celebrate the first home game of the Bronco season. The highlight of the Bronco tailgate? This epic gameday dip was prepped and brought by none other than a co-worker of mine whose dip was literally the talk of the tailgate and quite frankly, should have been the talk of the entire weekend.

Photo by Kyle Matthews/TSM Boise
Photo by Kyle Matthews/TSM Boise

I know it sounds crazy, but this dip changed the tailgate game forever and was a pivotal moment during the entire tailgate. Our friends trickled in and there he was, the chef we didn’t know we needed in a man named Kyle Matthews. He started with us just a few weeks ago and has already made a tremendous impact with this dip.

This sets the bar so high for everyone else, that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at a newly hired co-worker again because all I’ll do is compare them to the amazing dip that Kyle brought. What makes it so great? It literally takes like wins in buffalo sauce mixed with a cheese dip. It’s perfection. The pictures don’t do the flavors justice, it truly is incredible.

So, I went ahead and did us all a favor and got the recipe from the man himself, Kyle. I wasn’t able to get an official name for this dip but feel free to send us your suggestions for the name here. For now, we’ll anoint it “The (Un)Official Tailgate Dip of the Broncos” because let’s be real – if victory tasted like anything it would taste like this dip.”

“The (Un)Official Tailgate Dip of the Broncos” Recipe:

  • 5 lbs shredded chicken
  • 1 8oz bag sharp cheddar
  • 1 8 oz bag of mozzarella
  • 1 8 oz bag of pepper jack
  • 1 Boar’s Head chipotle gouda cheese block
  • 1 bottle of Frank’s RedHot
  • 1 bottle of ranch
  • 3 blocks of 8 oz cream cheese
  • 5 cups of sour cream
  • 1 lb of bacon

According to the dip master himself, the process is simple: “Smoke on the grill until all the ingredients are melted, hot, and mixed together. Top with chopped bacon.”

Photo by Kyle Matthews/TSM Boise
Photo by Kyle Matthews/TSM Boise

There you have it, folks. The dip you never knew you needed and one that will change the way you tailgate forever. Give it a try for your next game day and let us know what you think!

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