Yesterday, while driving to work, I was passed by what appeared to be one of the three pigs riding a motorcycle on I-84. Yes, that's right, a pig. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but after doing the pinch test, it was clear I was awake.

Watching someone speed past you on a bike wearing what appears to be a pig costume can make you feel things. I felt the wonderment of a child. Then, disbelief. Finally, I thought, is that even legal?

Interestingly, there are no explicit laws in Idaho that prohibit the use of a costume pig head while riding a motorcycle, provided the rider is over 18. While Idaho mandates riders under 18 to wear a DOT-approved helmet, adults are not bound by this rule. However, the use of costume heads is not addressed in any motorcycle law.

Michelle Heart/Canva
Michelle Heart/Canva

Before throwing on your costume head and hopping on your chopper, you should consider how much you might be distracting other drivers. As it turns out, the person who passed me on I-84 was wearing an authentic motorcycle helmet. In fact, many different kinds of motorcycle helmets look like costume heads.

Without looking too hard, besides the pig head, I found Elmo and several other Sesame Street characters, a panda, a squirrel, a bunny, a chicken, Santa, and even a shark.

Regardless of how safe the helmet is for the rider, the question is whether it is a distraction to the other drivers.

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