Look, I get it - Idaho doesn't need more "rules". I'm the last person who wants extra things to remember and to be the one who breaks the "tradition" of the way things have been done for so long. However, I was recently made aware of a disagreement between a couple and it begs a serious question...

Does Idaho need a law on plastic shopping bags?

This isn't an environmental push either, this isn't a "green movement"; this particular issue stems from a disagreement on whether or not taking extra bags at the self-checkout in the grocery store is considered stealing or not. A husband is fed up that his wife continues to take extra bags when paying out at self-checkout at the grocery store. He says it's essentially stealing and if we are able to think beyond how petty it sounds, we have to ask - is he right?

There are quite a few differing opinions on this too and the people of the Treasure Valley didn't hold back.

Should Idaho Law Focus Its Attention On Shopping Bags?

Idaho doesn't have a tax on plastic bags at the grocery store... should they? Here's what the people of Idaho are saying.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

As you can see, opinions on whether or not taking extra bags at self-checkout would be considered stealing. There is certainly a cost associated with these bags, there is currently no tax on bags in the state of Idaho according to BagTheBan.com. The last time I was at a grocery store, I remembered to ask an employee what their policy was on taking extra bags and the response was along the lines of: "Take what you need to use to bag your items but we don't charge for them."

Is this how it should remain or should something be changed in order to prevent people from "stealing"? Let me know your thoughts here!

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