Street racing has to be one of the most selfish acts on the road that I can think of. Racers make the voluntary decision to disregard the safety of those around them (in some these vehicles have children in them) and all for the sake of saying they “won.” Sure – there might be a wager, money on the line, etc. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay for drivers to turn a blind eye to the safety of those around them. Now, there are steps to prevent car rallies and racing after a post from the Nampa Police Department went up yesterday.

Nampa police have had enough and shared a post that would make the members of the Facebook group ‘Boise – Bad Driver Spotted’ gush with glee. Nampa police shared how they intend to crack down on racers and car rallies following incidents at the vacant K-Mart parking lot at 1831 Caldwell Blvd and the Gateway Shopping Center.

“We have been forced to change our stance on large car gatherings because of the recent damage, safety concerns, and overall disrespect from some participants,” the post from the department read.

“After a discussion between Nampa Officers and some of those gathered in the vacant K-Mart parking lot, we left the area with a mutual agreement of obeying the law, respect, and safety for each other and the community overall. Those individuals we spoke with were very agreeable and appreciative.”

It didn’t take long for the people at the K-Mart parking lot to draw attention to themselves.

“When officers were back at the gathering and taking enforcement actions, some in the car rally crowd lashed out with physical aggression and a mob-like mentality,” Nampa police shared in their post. “Some of those involved in the aggression fled the area both in vehicles and on foot. More officers were called to the scene, more enforcement actions were taken and, in the end, four individuals were arrested.”

“We can no longer condone the rallies on any level because of the actions of the few.”

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the hammer of the law dropping down on those thinking of putting the pedal to the medal. Now, let me be clear – I’m all for racing specifically the legal kind. Take your challenges to the track, not the streets of the Treasure Valley. I applaud Nampa police (yet again!) on the way they are being proactive in their community.

It sounds to me like the officers were willing to be flexible until a few people in the group decided they would get rowdy anyways. It’s not cool and kudos to the officers for at least trying to keep things civil. But, to be met with a mob-like mentality when returning? Not cool. Hopefully, this will lead to a decrease in street racing because let’s be real with ourselves – it’s not worth it. Check out the full post from Nampa police below.

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