Idaho is home to a lot of things. Mountains, beautiful weather, Big Foot, and some of the most mysterious things you could ever find on Google Earth. Random, I know but hear me out. It's this time of year when a lot of people talk about "most searched ____ of 2022" and it got me thinking... what weirdness is sitting right in front of us in the form of a Google Earth image that sparks mystery, laughs, or straight up fear.

The crazy thing is, some of the bizarre things we've found on Google Earth included anomalies that were man-made. Others, however, seem to hint at more sinister origins...

California, weird? No way.

One search of California on Google Earth and you'll find plenty of areas to explore. But, one image, in particular, remains there and is still a mystery on the internet. As a matter of fact, I am downright terrified as to what in the world it is. That image is much more mysterious than say the few that are taken in Idaho.

Idaho's images feature messages of positivity and practical designs whereas California... well, it's something out of a sci-fi movie. We're not talking about the streets of Hollywood either!

Why is no one talking about Nevada?

We know Idaho can be a bit bizarre and that California can have a pinch of weird but what in the actual Paranormal Activity is going on out in the deserts of Nevada? I'm sorry but if I stumbled across a mess of statues that looked like that I would get as far away as I could!

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