As technology advances, we will have to update some laws in Idaho to keep people safe. I'm not suggesting that Artificial Intelligence will take over Idaho or that a robot army will rise up against us. While big tech companies push out more products initially designed to help us and make our lives easier, there will be people who find ways to use this new technology to do things that we never thought of. They will use these new tools to get something they want, like you or your money.

As someone who regularly loses my remote, phone, and keys, I see the advantage of items like the Apple AirTag. This circular device is smaller than a quarter and can be stuck onto anything. Using an app on your phone, you can find it anywhere. So, if your kid took the remote upstairs into their room, you can track it down in seconds. The same goes if your friend comes over and accidentally takes your remote home with him and takes it on vacation with him to Jamaica. Yes, you could even find it in the Caribbean. That is why this item built for convenience becomes scary when misused, and the State of Idaho needs a plan to stop it.

With GPS technology, your every move can be monitored, almost like you're leaving a digital footprint wherever you go. Apple AirTags, though incredibly useful for finding lost items, are a double-edged sword.

Many people think that Idaho has strict laws against using GPS to track someone, but that's just not true. The closest that our law comes to addressing it is Title 18, Chapter 16. The problem is that GPS is not explicitly mentioned or covered. The law specifically addresses the interception, disclosure, and use of wire, electronic, or oral communications. Still, it doesn't mention GPS or other tracking or location technology.

Many other states have addressed this issue in their laws. 11 states have made GPS tracking part of their anti-stalking laws. Nine states have made it illegal to use GPS tracking on any vehicle that you don't own.

Read below to see how to make sure there isn't an AirTag tracking you now.

10 Steps To Discover Unwanted AirTags

Make sure you follow these 10 steps to discover unwanted Apple AirTags

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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