Memorial Day Weekend is in the books and the long holiday weekend sent a clear message about how Americans feel about the upcoming travel season. We want to get out and we want to explore! 

According to NBC News, the Transportation Security Administration experienced its busiest single travel day in history. The old record of 2.91 million passengers was set over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2023.

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On Friday, May 24 travelers, including thousands of Idahoans, helped rewrite the record books with a jaw dropping 2.95 million passengers screened in a single day. That’s all before the official “summer travel season” begins. The travel industry considers June 1-August 31 the official summer travel season. 

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Idahoans know there’s no shortage of things to do in the Gem State during the summer months. There seems to be some sort of festival or fair every single weekend. Our late sunsets make for perfect lake days. There are dozens of small towns and ghost towns just waiting to be explored. But every now and then, it’s only natural to get stir crazy and want to travel OUTSIDE of Idaho and possibly outside of the country. 

If you’re lucky enough to have your passport, the sky is quite literally the limit but the U.S. Department of State highly suggests avoiding some destinations due to threats of violence, kidnapping or worse.


They’ll periodically issue travel advisories telling Idahoans and other Americans NOT to travel to certain places or to really reconsider their destination. Right now they have 19 countries under a Level 4 “Do Not Travel” advisory. Here’s a look at nine of them and the reasons WHY they say Idahoans should stay away.

Idahoans Advised to NOT Travel to These 9 Places

The United States Department of State regularly issues travel advisories for Americans to help keep them safe during their vacations. There are four levels of advisories: exercise normal precautions, exercise increased caution, reconsider travel and do not travel. These are nine of the 19 destinations under a Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL advisory.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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