When you think of Santa Clause, what comes to mind? An old, jolly man that likes cookies and little boys? Us too. Each year, Santa Clause visits the Treasure Valley on his sleigh, which is pulled by a group of caribou that learned how to fly, several years ago.

Of course, Santa never comes empty handed-- he always has toys for the little boys and the little girls while his sleigh is casually parked on the roof of their home. What a guy.

Our point is this: when you think of Santa, it's all happy thoughts (unless your child caught him kissing your wife under the mistletoe). While doing some internet surfing, we were searching for the best of Santa Clause here in Boise--because our sources tell us that he loves the Treasure Valley. What we stumbled upon instead, was shocking.

Does Santa have an anger problem?

Take a look at this raw footage of Santa Clause completely beating up a vehicle that every Boise State fan would kill to own and drive

Archived Video Shows Santa Hates Boise State

Exclusive footage has been obtained from the YouTube where this video captures Santa Clause attacking a Boise State car.

What got into Santa here? 

As Boise State prepares to take on the University of Wyoming this weekend in a very difficult road matchup, we can't help but wonder if the Broncos know about this video and if so, if it will derail their efforts on the field.

Not only did Santa choose to smash the Bronco dream car once, but he did it twice.

Following our discovery of this video and prior to our publishing of this crucial, unknown information, we searched high and low for Santa AT Boise State. While we found plenty of footage of Santa in Boise, Idaho--we could not confirm any sightings on Boise State's campus.

Maybe the caribou don't like the turf?

Check out the whole video for yourself, below: 

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