Just as school winds down for the summer, parents are getting information for next school year. Finally.

While the academic calendars for most school districts across the State of Idaho have been published and public for months now, the Nampa School District has been a bit behind.

Why? Major changes.

Remember being a kid and going to school FIVE days a week with that quick two-day weekend? In Nampa, for the first time ever, the school district is saying farewell to Friday classes and making the school week a FOUR DAY week. It sounds pretty crazy, right!?

Imagine being a kid and knowing that you get Friday's off every single week? That's a major shift.

Along with the shorter week, schools will be switching to 'trimesters' which will change the structure of the school year--with each trimester lasting about 50 school days for students.

As announced this morning, the first day of school for the Nampa School District will be on August 19th and the last day will be on June 5th, 2025. 

If you're behind on these major changes at the Nampa School District--they were only announced about a month ago after a vote by the district's school board. The topic had been up for discussion, however, for months leading up to the vote.

Factors that went in to the 4-day school week included issues stemming from recruiting and retaining teachers, budget, and a shrinking enrollment rate in the district.


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