If you missed the news this week, Louisiana became the first state in the country to make it mandatory for schools to post the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

If the same law makes its way over here to Idaho, we have some ideas.

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We don't know exactly why Louisiana made it a legal requirement to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms. Not even going to get into that discussion.

However, if Idaho were to implement a similar law, we've put together what we believe should be the ten commandments that every Idahoan should follow:

  • Thou shall not make lame potato jokes
  • Thou shall not repeat lame potato jokes
  • Thou shall not steal lame potato jokes
  • Thou shall not ask AI to create lame potato jokes
  • Thou shall not post lame potato jokes on social media
  • Thou shall not ask friends from Idaho if they like potatoes
  • Thou shall not do that stupid "Idaho? No, YOU da ***" joke
  • Thou shall not visit Idaho and immediately ask the first person you see "Hey, where are all the potatoes?"
  • Thou shall not ask for all the potato-related dishes whilst dining at an Idaho restaurant
  • Thou shall eat potatoes, because they are delicious

Phew. Hopefully, that's not too controversial and divisive for the state of Idaho. Now, who thinks we should submit these to our graphics department so we can whip up these new Ten Commandments?


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