Your results may vary, but if you ask enough people what the worst problem Boise is facing today, eventually you'll get to someone who mentions the "woke mind virus."

What is it? We honestly have no idea. For a minute, we thought it was part of a plotline from one of the Lord Of The Rings movies. We were wrong. So, we don't have the slightest idea what a woke mind virus is, who made it up, or who's already selling it on a t-shirt trying to make a buck. What we do know is this:


Boise is currently facing a trend that is far worse than any woke mind virus


If you're from Boise, you may already know this. For others, or those new to the Treasure Valley, it may come as a bit of a shock: More and more people in Boise are choosing ketchup as their favorite condiment on a hot dog.

Have you tasted ketchup? It's gross. It's like a mushy tomato covered in crusty, old powdered sugar. How anyone could find that appealing and/or tasty is way beyond this writer's paygrade. Do Boisians not know that mustard exists? BBQ sauce? Arby's Horsey Sauce? All fantastic options on a wiener, if you ask me.

There are some political battles that we as a media entity have to stand up and have our voices be heard. As an informer of the public, we feel it's our civic duty to fight against what we feel is morally wrong. We can't state it anymore clearly: Ketchup is gross.


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