Having fun and saving the environment are a great combination when done together and one store in Boise is having the utmost success in completing both. While they have always been known to encourage reusable bags they take it to the next level and put a fun holiday twist on recycling. Trader Joe’s is going viral for their inventive twist on reusable bags and the fun has made its way to Boise.

Trader Joe's Mystery Pack

Some of the bags you could receive!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The Trader Joe’s 1 - 2 - 3 Mystery Pack contains three mystery reusable bags that feature each of the fifty states. Each bag represents a different state and has images that represent both Trader Joe’s and the specific state on each of them. There is even a featured recipe on most of the bags from the state that the bag is designed over.

While it’s a risk knowing what bags you may purchase there is no need to worry because the Idaho bags are up for purchase inside the store. And due to Trader Joe’s generous return policy if you happen to get duplicates of the same bag you could just bring them back to the store and return them for a new mystery pack.

When shopping at Trader Joe’s in Downtown Boise the mystery packs are located on the wall underneath the window right behind the checkout lines. The mystery packs are also very inexpensive at only $2.99 for 3 of the bags. If you’re interested in just purchasing the Idaho one it features the iconic Idaho potatoes on the front and a bird on the back saying “It’s pronounced Boy-See”.

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