In November of 2022, a Moscow, Idaho crime shocked the State of Idaho, the nation, and the globe. Four innocent lives were taken from their friends, families, and loved ones--all because someone, somewhere, decided to commit four heinous stabbings.

While still innocent--until proven guilty--Bryan Kohberger, at this time, is the suspect in this crime and law enforcement officials have made it clear that they believe they have the right guy.

This has been a case that has been followed by people from around the globe. At one point, the public didn't believe the police were even close to solving the crime and then suddenly, Kohberger was taken into custody across the nation in Pennsylvania.

Now, months later, the families of these victims, the University of Idaho community, and the general public have been waiting to hear what is going to happen within this legal process. Many are anxious to get it going.

With October set as the start date for the trial--one thing looms: the death penalty.

At Kohberger's arraignment, Judge Judge let the prosecution know that they had a certain time window in which they must declare that they would be seeking the death penalty. Now, under 50 days remain until that must be brought forward by the prosecution.

The families of two of the victims have publicly spoken out in favor the the death penalty--seeking justice to the full extent of Idaho law.

The mother of one other victim just recently shared she believes in life behind bars but not the death penalty. 

Capital Punishment is legal in Idaho and there hasn't been an execution in decades. There are two sides of opinion on what might happen: some believe a 'liberal' leaning Latah County would not seek death while others know that the prosecutor in Latah Count has sought the death penalty before and will do so.

Until official word comes from the State of Idaho--all that we can do is wait to hear.

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