President Biden was sworn into office Wednesday.  As part of his speech, Biden said that he wants to be the president for all Americans.  He said that he reached out to several Republican governors to discuss how his administration can help them govern during the pandemic.  Did he contact Idaho Governor Brad Little?  We reached out to the governor's office earlier today, but have not heard back from them on whether the governor spoke with the president.  Governor Little has praised the efforts of the previous

Trump Administration in helping Idaho deal with the Covid fallout.  The governor spoke at the White House concerning how Idaho had initially handled keeping businesses open.  Vice President Pence was mentioned several times by Governor Little for his outreach to Idaho.  Is that era over?  We'll have to stay tuned to find out.

President Biden promised that he would decriminalize marijuana if elected to the Oval Office.  Biden is now the president so what happens if he follows through on his promise?  Could Idaho stand alone as a drug free sanctuary state?  Recently, State Senator C. Scott Grow has proposed a constitutional amendment that would keep all drugs illegal that were illegal in 2020.

Governor Little has vowed that he will not allow the Gem State to fall into the pro pot legalization path of other Northwestern states.  If Idaho hold true to its drug free conviction we could expect several legal challenges.  The money behind legal weed is enormous.  Idahoans will be watching and waiting to see if Biden fulfills the dream of many weed consumers.


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