After today, the Patriots and the Rams are in the Super Bowl and as they prepare for that big game, the other 30 teams in the league are preparing to beef up for next season.

Along with that preparation comes the coaching carousel and early reports have Jon Kitna announced as the new Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Coach. You may be thinking...that's Kellen Moore's job? Well, it was.  With the shifts in the coaching roster come some new opportunities and Kellen Moore is being looked at for one of them: Offensive Coordinator.

After just a year of coaching in the NFL it's no secret the Cowboys have seen Kellen's coaching oriented mind--one far more developed than even we got to see during his Boise State days. Could he be a fit for this major position with such little experience? I know most Boise State fans are both saying and rooting for: yes.

Read a full report on what's going on and what could happen in Dallas, HERE.

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