Kevin Miller takes calls on gaming machines in Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with activist Tom Munds on the movement to hold a constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution.

Kevin Miller interviews Dave Carlson from Triple A Idaho about the rise in gas prices and the movement by state government to raise gas taxes.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Canyon County Sherrif Kieran Donohue.  Sherrif Donohue reviews the challenges of the county jail and paying law enforcement officers in Canyon County.  They take calls from listeners expressing their thoughts.


Kevin Miller looks at the future of Les Boise Race Track.  He takes calls on whether or not the legislature should eliminate gaming machines.


Kevin Miller interviews US Senator Jim Risch concerning ISIS, Iran, and Hillary Clinton's emails.

Kevin Miller is joined in studio by his friend Pat from Middleton.  They discuss small and big business opportunities for high school students.


Kevin Miller and Dave review President Obama's appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night.  They preview today's Boise State Men's Basketball Game today against Wyoming.

Kevin Miller looks at some of the man on the street reaction to the Ferguson Police shooting.

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