Kevin Miller discusses the IRS looking to track your vehicle via your license plates.  Kevin Miller then questions what happened to the right to privacy.  He then details an incident involving a group of local motorcycle riders running red lights.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson.  Kevin Miller and the chief discuss campus carry, community policing, and fighting crime in Boise.


Kevin Miller interviews Reverend Bill Roscoe from the Boise Rescue Mission.  They go live to Fox News Television Reporter Conner Powell live from the old city of Jerusalem.  Kevin Miller speaks with Reverend Bill about faith in his life.


Kevin Miller is joined by Pastor Jim Harris of Heritage Bible Church on this Good Friday.  They discuss God in today's world and the fight for salvation.  Pastor Harris goes in depth about his acceptance of Christ in his life.


Kevin Miller is joined by Chad Ward of the LDS Church discussing Good Friday.  They discuss the battle between secular and spiritual interests.  Mr. Ward details his fight with Cancer.


Kevin Miller is joined by Randy Jackson, youth pastor at Nampa First Southern Baptist Church.  They begin to discuss matters of faith during Good Friday.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Hillary Clinton as a grandmother and her political future.  They discuss the Jameis Winston story in the New York Times, multi tasking at work, and Kevin appearing in a new book.