Let's dispense with the attempted wit and get to the big stories that people are talking about.  Who is Chumlee?  He's trending now, and if he's trending, he's on the Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Only in America could a character from a reality show called Pawn Stars get so much attention for not being dead.  It's good to know that people still care about one another.  Here's the story from the Kansas City Star.

From the it's not looking good for Obama Care file, the cost is not cheaper than your cell phone according to The Daily Caller.

The Today Show covers Governor Otter signing the campus carry bill.  The Idaho Statesman has the details.

The world still waits and wonders what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  USA Today has the latest details.

Yahoo Movies gives us the skinny on who will cast as the new Star Wars hero.

Mr. Jay Leno misses The Tonight Show he tells Yahoo TV.

The debate over illegal immigration continues in Idaho and across the country.  A new Pew Research study concludes that they're more illegal aliens than unemployed Americans.  Details are available at CNS News.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a tidal wave of GOP election victories could be happening in 2014.

More background on what happened between Sharyl Attkisson and CBS from Fox News.

The Idaho State Journal reports that the owners of the dog shot by a Filer Police Officer will sue.



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