A terrible shooting happens at the University of California Santa Barbara Friday night.  Some critics blame the shooter, while others blame guns and mental health issues.  One writer from the Washington Post blames the movie 'Neighbors' and that has Seth Rogen firing back.  The details and more in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

The state of California and the nation was shocked over the Memorial Day weekend by the crimes allegedly perpetrated by twenty two year old Elliot Rodger.  How it happened is explained by the national post.

Who is to blame for this crime?  The dead killer?  His family?  The gun?  Society?  One writer believes the culture portrayed in movies such as 'American Psycho', 'The Pickup Artist', and 'Neighbors' fosters a frat boy culture of entitlement.  She writes about it in the Washington Post.

Here's the reaction from Hollywood via Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow from CBSDC.

In the latest gun news, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants all gun purchases to be video taped.  He believes this will help stop the gun deaths in Chicago, according to CBS Chicago.

The president has announced that 9,800 troops will stay in Afghanistan is a status of forces agreement is signed.  Our allies the Afghans refuse to sign the agreement.  So why make the announcement?  The details from Yahoo.com.

Iron Man is a super hero and a box office hit.  Could we see the day when the US Military has actual Iron Men as soldiers?  Fantasy becomes reality according to Hotlist's friend Tamara Lush of the AP.

Has our compassion led to our ruin?  Is the VA Scandal a troubling preview of what we can all expect from Obama Care?  Pat Buchanan looks at the limits of democracy in Human Events.

Your smart phone is not your friend and here's why from the Idahostatesman.

Why the president wants to leave almost 10,000 troops in Afghanistan according to Time Magazine.

Was Douglas MacArthur the greatest general or the most misunderstood?  A look back fifty years after his death provided by Politico.

A bonus story that we could not share with you.  Who are the Bilderbergers?  Here is the official list courtesy of infowars.