Kevin Miller and Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio examine self driving cars becoming available next year.  They also looks at the Ray Rice controversy and yesterday's NFL Games.


Kevin Miller debates Alama the Anti-Fracker about a possible 'bomb train' rolling through Idaho.  Several folks call in to debate whether or not Natural Gas drilling is dangerous.


Kevin Miller looks at a 6th grade teacher who compared Adolph Hitler to President George W. Bush with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the Adrian Peterson arrest.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discuss the latest money news.  Dave details the latest from Apple with their announcement of the Iphone 6 and the Iwatch.  Kevin and Dave look at the high cost of government pensions.


Kevin Miller speaks with Emily Wither from Fox News Radio live from Jerusalem.  She goes over the latest involving the Israelis and Hamas.  Emily tells Kevin about the ISIS influence in the Middle East.  Kevin Miller looks at the Adrian Peterson situation.


Kevin Miller looks at the development of the program over the last five years.  He details why he loves the Treasure Valley and recaps the Marconi Award Ceremony.  Kevin takes calls from his listeners.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Adrian Peterson situation and whether parents today should use corporal punishment.  The talk turns to the NFL scandal and the ISIS beheading of a British tourist.  Kevin comments on winning the Marconi Medium Market Personality of the Year.