Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at a few issues involving local men that have been charged with sexual assault.  Kevin Miller looks at a contentious local issue involving over 6,000 residents of the Boise Bench area.  The citizens have been plagued by brown water being poured out of their pipes.  Kevin Miller took phone calls from residents and nonresidents of the Bench area complaining about the water company responsible.  That company is named Suez.  The company held a town hall meeting trying to explain the 'dirty water.'

Kevin Miller looks at what impeachment means for the country.  Who is impeachment good for? Has all this impeachment talk got your head spinning? While you're wondering which way to look politicians are using it to rake in some serious cash. The Trump campaign and the RNC pulled in $13 million in less than two days following the announcement of an official impeachment probe. If the House does indeed impeach the President it would fall on the Senate to prosecute him, maybe. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggests in a new campaign ad that he would stop impeachment dead in its tracks but, of course, he needs your money to help win reelection.  Democrats have also benefited from third-quarter windfalls. Sens. Warren and Sanders each hauled in around $25 million.  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners comparing Warren and President Trump.




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