Kevin Miller begins the Monday show by reviewing the latest coronavirus numbers for the state of Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes calls from anxious listeners responding to whether or not the governor should continue the stay at home order.  Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Petso who discusses the markets.  Lars Larson checks in from the state of Washington.  As Americans continue to practice social distancing, one writer and researcher says the data that state and local governments have relied on got a major detail wrong.We continue to hear "flatten the curve" but AJ Kay says the curve is already flat - contending that data used to predict COVID-19's peak in the US was predicated on an incorrect starting date in January.Kay notes that we were only able to detect those first few cases after the Chinese provided the RNA sequence January 12. By that time, the novel coronavirus had already been circulating in China for months. Kay says updated models have significantly reduced the number of predicted US deaths.She also notes the mysterious flu like illness that hit the US back in November - that looked a lot like COVID-19 - and Kay says that's really when the seed date started. Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Has the US been fighting a virus that mostly already swept through? Did you catch that mystery bug last fall? Were the symptoms similar to COVID-19? Should states ease restrictions soon?








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