Kevin Miller is joined by local national news-makers..  Best selling author Dennis Mansfield reveals the psychological impact of the stay at home order.  He also promotes his new book on time travel.  Washington DC Lobbyist Phil Hardy shares his perspective on how the president is handling the current crisis at home and abroad.  Las Vegas based talk show host Heidi Harris reveals the economic impact on sin city.  David Bozell, of the think tank, previews the upcoming election.   After Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democrat primary, not all of his supporters have switched allegiances to the presumptive nominee just yet. In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll, nearly a quarter of those who backed the Vermont Senator's bid for the White House said they have other plans than voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Broken down, 8% will go third party, while another 8% haven't decided what to do. Two percent are voting Republican and the remaining 2% will just stay home. However, 77% of those who felt the Bern are going blue this November. Have you decided how you're voting in November?






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