Kevin Miller reports on a restaurant that was giving a 15% discount to patrons who openly prayed.  They stopped the practice under threat of a lawsuit.  Kevin Miller took calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller revisits the Michelle Obama statement that 'women are smarter than men.'  Kevin plays a clip from Revenge of the Pink Panther where Peter Sellers says, 'man is the master.'  He takes several calls from listeners on the issue.


Kevin Miller shares a confrontation between Congressman Steve King and two illegal aliens.  He then takes calls on the border crisis.


Kevin Miller interviews Tonya J. Powers from Fox News Radio about the Tennessee Primary.  Tonya details how the grassroots verses the establishment in the volunteer state is a microcosm of what's happening nationally.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the first lady's comments on gender.


Kevin Miller discusses two stories that are making national attention.  He explains a North Carolina Restaurant's decision to give a 15% discount to people who openly pray in public.

Kevin Miller shares and gets reaction from listeners about the first lady's comments that women are smarter than men.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Wayne Allen Root.  Mr. Root urges the congress to prosecute the president for consumer fraud.  He details how he and all Americans have lost their healthcare.  He offers real solutions to the healthcare crisis.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at tonight's preseason football games.  Dave tells Kevin he can't wait to see the Sea hawks verses the Broncos.  Kevin Miller ponders whether a man can be masculine wearing bow ties.