Kevin Miller takes calls on Ebola and the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the arguments involving same sex marriage.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dick Morris about the upcoming midterm elections.  Mr. Morris examines Idaho's issue with Common Core.  Kevin asks Mr. Morris to compare Hillary Clinton to the president.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the Ebola situation in Texas.  Several folks call in to voice their displeasure with the feds.


Kevin Miller speaks with Tonya J Powers of Fox News.  She reports on a new poll on whether or not the president is a lame duck.  Kevin Miller teases Tonya about the Ole Miss / Alabama Game.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the Idaho Governor's Race.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio live from Washington DC.  Rachel goes behind the scenes of the resignation of the Secret Service director.  Kevin Miller looks at how Idaho is handling the threat of Ebola.  He takes calls from Tom Munds and Patriot Ray.


Kevin Miller is joined by John Wohlstetter from Letter from the Capitol.  They discuss the latest threat from ISIS and presidential security.


Kevin Miller and Dave preview Saturday's Bronco Game.  They review the resignation of the Secret Service Director and discuss presidential security.  Kevin Miller invites everyone to the Morning Show Party, Friday October 17th at the Eagle Road Chick Filet.