Kevin Miller speaks with Tea Party Bob, Terry from State College Pa, and Jim from Star about the donating turkeys.  Jim from Star challenges all car dealers to donate a half a dozen turkeys each to the Boise Rescue Mission.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners about Ferguson, Missouri, road conditions, and other local issues.


Kevin Miller speaks with Emily Wither from Fox News Radio live from Jerusalem.  She reports on the attacks at the local Synagogue in Jerusalem.  Kevin Miller is joined by Darell from the Canyon County Tea Party who donates a turkey.


Kevin Miller and Jason from the Boise Rescue Mission urging folks to donate turkeys.  Kevin Miller looks at road conditions and takes calls on road conditions in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller looks at the Ferguson, Missouri situation.


Kevin Miller speaks with Simon Owen of Fox News Radio about the Pope's visit to America.  Jim from Middleton calls in about the Ferguson situation.  Kevin Miller urges folks to donate turkeys at Wal Mart.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jason at the Boise Rescue Mission discussing the needs of the story.  He shares a story about a family living in there car and in need of coats.  Kevin Miller looks at the attacks on the Synagogue in Jerusalem.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the need to help the poor during the winter months.  They describe how folks can help this week and year round.  Kevin Miller and Dave talk about the possible violence in Ferguson, Missouri.