Kevin Miller examines the president's speech at West Point.  He looks at why the media elevates Elliot Rodger and Edward Snowden.  Kevin Miller then reacts to the First Lady's push to reform the school lunch program.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by private detective Neil Custer.  Neil gives tips on phone security and how to tell if someone is cheating on you.  They discuss ways to keep your family safe.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the Western Lands issue.  He discussed the new fad of 'divorce parties.'  Kevin Miller examines the role of the Oregon National Guard as they train at Gowen Field for their Afghanistan deployment.


Kevin Miller speaks with Utah State Representative Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council.  They discuss the president's recent land grab in New Mexico, Utah's past fight's with the federal government over state land, and what's next in Idaho.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jim Chmelik, former candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor.  They discuss the aftermath of the primary.  Kevin and Jim then look to the state convention.  Jim Chmelik says it will be tough for the Idaho GOP to win without the grassroots.  Kevin Miller explains that divorce parties are the new trend.


Kevin Miller examines the media's role promoting law breakers on television and radio.  He previews the new Hillary Clinton book and asks why we are spending money in Afghanistan and not for the veterans.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Kevin's adventure at the supermarket.  Kevin wonders why folks feel a need to tell him that they know who he is but do not listen to him.  Dave talks about the retirement of a local weatherman.  They both share stories of when employers or employees move on.