Kevin Miller interviews Simon Owen of Fox News Radio.  Simon takes a look at the missing airliner and what authorities are doing to find it.  Kevin gives away a pair of tickets to the George Noory event.


Kevin Miller looks at possible oil drilling in Canyon County.  He's joined by Alama the anti-fracker.  They discuss the balance of the environment verses the economic benefits of oil development.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio Reporter Jared Halpern from Washington DC.  They look at the latest action and reaction involving Russia and the Ukraine.  Kevin reveals the president's final four picks.


Kevin Miller speaks with Monica Hopkins of the ACLU.  She explains her lawsuit against the state of Idaho's AG Gag Bill.  Monica answers questions from callers concerning animal abuse, privacy, and the courts.


Kevin Miller looks at a company drilling for oil in Canyon County.  He discusses oil and gas prices.  Kevin Miller believes the drilling will bring new jobs to Idaho.


Kevin Miller is joined by Congressman Mike Simpson in studio.  They discuss healthcare, the budget, Russia, and the economy.


Kevin Miller and Dave take look at the beginning of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  Kevin discloses President Obama's final four picks.  Both men yap about the Voice, the Lottery, and MSNBC.


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