Leonardo DiCaprio is filling up his plate with American biopics. On top of eying the Teddy Roosevelt biopic for Martin Scorsese and playing that other famous Leonardo, he’s now in talks to reteam with Steven Spielberg for a Ulysses S. Grant biopic.

Deadline reports that the Catch Me if You Can collaborators are eyeing a biopic about the military general and U.S. president. The project, being produced by Lionsgate and Appian Way’s Jennifer Davisson, would give the Lincoln director a chance to return to the Civil War. And DiCaprio is of course looking to star, which wouldn’t be too much of a stretch – with a beard he does look a bit like the Civil War Union commander. The script is being adapted from Ron Chernow’s recent biography Grant by David James Kelly, who most recently penned the upcoming Robin Hood reimagining with Taron Egerton.

Both DiCaprio and Spielberg already have quite a lot on their plates though. The actor has Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood coming up next, that Roosevelt biopic, a Leonardo Da Vinci biopic, and another possible Scorsese collab adapting Killers of the Flower Moon, a 1920s-set true-crime thriller. Also, what ever happened to that Devil in the White City adaptation I’ve been anxiously waiting for Scorsese and DiCaprio to do? Can they please get back on that?

Spielberg is also juggling a crazy amount of projects at the moment. First up is Indiana Jones 5, which begins filming next year, followed by his West Side Story remake. On top of those massive projects, he’s said to be producing DC’s Blackhawk movie and then there’s his Stephen King collab. And you thought you were busy. Deadline claims the Grant project is a priority for the actor and director, but who knows if and when we’ll see it come to fruition.

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