Not to be outdone by Disney, Universal is cooking up some live-action brand management of their own. In addition to their competing Little Mermaid film, the studio is developing a live-action adaptation of Curious George, based on the classic children’s book series that already inspired an animated movie in 2006. Oh, and they just landed a director, too.

Deadline reports that Universal has tapped Andrew Adamson to co-write and direct the live-action Curious George movie, which will be produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment. Adamson is best known for directing the first two Shrek movies as well as the first two films in The Chronicles of Narnia series — all of which he also scripted, save for the first Shrek.

Curious George made his debut in 1941 and initially appeared in seven books before starring in his own animated telefilm series in the ’80s. Since then, the curious little monkey has inspired two more collections of books, various toys and merchandise, a 2006 animated film featuring the voice of Will Ferrell, and an Emmy award-winning animated series on PBS.

The series centers on the eponymous primate protagonist and his myriad adventures after the nameless Man in the Yellow Hat brings George home from Africa to live in his house. Universal’s new Curious George project comes in the wake of Disney’s ever-expanding slate of live-action films based on beloved animated classics and established franchises — like The Jungle Book, which showcased some impressive advances in CGI technology that will no doubt prove useful for George’s first live-action adventure.