Shoppers are standing there, bags in hand, money ready to flow, and what??  No store??  It's gone. It's completely gone and nobody knows why.

The fancy upscale handbags, watches, and shoes of Michael Kors is no longer available for Boise residents.  Well, not here in Boise anyway.  Usually there's some kind of reason, an explanation to keep shoppers in the loop, at least to some extent but not this time.

Maybe Michael Kors feels they'd just be stating the obvious of business is no good or who knows, maybe something bad went down that they feel no good would come from disclosing that information.

Some don't care, some scratch their heads, and others are whispering rumors of what could possibly have happened to make these guys just grab everything and run without a word.  Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that Michael Kors has closed.  It's no more and so that leaves us all with finding a different spot to find our fancy bags, watches, and shoes.

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