Over three decades after The Breakfast Club first charmed audiences, John Hughes’ high school classic still resonates with young viewers despite the growing generational divide. The years since its initial release have proven that The Breakfast Club is timeless, so it’s about damn time The Criterion Collection gave Hughes’ film the prestige upgrade treatment — and the January 2 release will include never-before-seen footage and deleted scenes, like this newly-unearthed clip of Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy.

Vulture debuted the deleted scene, which features popular privileged girl Claire (Ringwald) and brooding weirdo Allison (Sheedy) in the girls’ bathroom. Claire criticizes Allison for eating food near a “live toilet,” then, worried she might have offended her, explains: “Really, I was just reacting to something I consider a little out of the ordinary. If you’d like to talk, I think I could probably handle it.” Instead, Allison grabs a paper towel, carefully picks up some potato chips that fell into the sink, and shoves them in her mouth.

The scene was likely meant to be included during the excellent lunchtime sequence, when jock Andrew (Emilio Estevez) pulls an insane amount of food, while Claire reveals her dainty sushi meal, bad boy John (Judd Nelson) steals nerdy Brian’s (Anthony Michael Hall) basic lunch, and everyone glares at Allison as she takes her bologna sandwich apart and stuffs it with sugar and chips.

The upcoming Criterion release will feature additional deleted scenes, new interviews with Ringwald and Sheedy, and other rare materials.

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