Who is the Bronco Girl and how did the tradition start?  Find out here!   We see her before all the big games.  We know it's game time when we see her gallop onto to the field.  Have you ever wondered who is the Bronco Girl and how did the tradition start?  Well, so did the New York Times, who profiled Beth Miller the Bronco Girl.  In a heartwarming article, learn many details of how this tradition started.

It had begun before Boise State was Boise State.  In 1965, then Boise College, began the tradition with a horse named Spyieche, who ran around the field every time the Broncos scored.  Miller's partner is named Shyann and only runs out once to open the game according to the NY Times.

The psychology major has a great attachment to her partner.  As an eleven-year-old, she got a paper route to pay for her horse.  The bond continues today when the Meridian resident told the Times that she trusts Shyann with her life.  The two are inseparable at games, public appearances, and hours of practice.

When the thirty year old off the blue field and out of the saddle, she spends time working for a bank in Meridian and with her husband, Dan.  Miller tells the NY Times that she might pursue graduate work that would allow her to continue leading the charge before Bronco Games.

Let's hope we'll see Miller and Shyann for many more years galloping on the Blue!