Just how many soldiers have we lost in all of our wars?  Here's the answer beginning with the Civil War.  The deadliest war in our history was not World War One or Two, but our Civil War.  We lost over 320,000 Union Soldiers.  The Confederate death toll was 260,000 troops.  The total causality count was 620,000.

The Great War or The War to End all Wars cost America 116,516 soldiers.  Without our help, the Kaiser would be ruling Europe.  It would not be the first time or the last time that America would sacrifice its own to save the world.

It would not be long before Americans would cross the Atlantic to fight for freedom.  It was the Fuhrer this time instead of the Kaiser.  405,399 Americans fought the Nazis and the Japanese Empire.  Thankfully they won and the world is a better place because of their sacrifice.

The Korean War or Forgotten War has not been without loss for our nation.  Although a 'United Nations' action,' America led the way.  36,574 Americans died saving South Korea from Communism.  The war was ended by an armistice on July 27, 1953.  It is still an active war zone separated by the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ.

The Vietnam War cost America 58,220 troops by the time the war ended in 1975.  The country discontinued the military draft.  It would take years for the wounds to heal from Vietnam for those who fought and for those who lost loved ones.

Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm marked the return of the American Military following Vietnam.  148 Americans were killed from combat, while another 145 died from non combat injuries.

Operation Iraqi Freedom brought America's fighting forces back to the Middle East.  It cost this country 4,422 Americans.

Operation New Dawn refers to a few military operation which 66 Americans paid the price in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Operation Enduring Freedom or the Global War on Terror has cost America 2,318 troops as of today.

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