If you'd like to try Samuel Adams' newest beer, 'Utopias', you'll have to leave Idaho to do so as it's illegal here.

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I'm a big fan of Sam Adams' Winter Lager, which I'll soon be able to enjoy! But that's not all they have. In fact, Samuel Adams brews quite a few brews! Their latest is a limited edition beer called, 'Utopias' and you won't be able to purchase it in the state of Idaho. This beer apparently comes out every two years or so for a limited time so I suppose what's old is new again, but what's old continues to stay old as it's ABV (Alcohol by volume) percentage is far too high for Idaho standards. Now, in Idaho's defense, we don't drink "near beer" like our friends to the South in Utah must do, but we top out at about 7.5% for beers and Samuel Adams' Utopias sports a super tangy 28%!

Remember when you were a kid and your dad said, "this will put hair on your chest"? This beer will do just that, but apparently it's really good and people seem to love it. Unfortunately, if you want it, you'll have to cross state lines. You CAN purchase it in Oregon, Washington and Nevada so if you find yourself in one of those states, pick up a bottle and drink it, just don't bring it back to Idaho cause we don't like those shenanigans 'round here! Joking. I'm sure they don't patrol the consumption as much as the sales.

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