At first I thought I was hearing it all wrong, no way former Boise State football coach Chris Petersen now at Washington would vote not to play a Boise State.

Hold on, it’s true! In an informal poll conducted by ESPN, Petersen was one of  30 football coaches in the Power 5 conferences to vote in favor of only playing and scheduling amongst themselves. You expect as much from Alabama’s Nick Sabin or Bob Stoops of Oklahoma but coach Pete?

Gary Patterson of TCU now in the Big 12 and Gary Andersen, formerly Utah State now Wisconsin, both said sure, we’ll play anybody!

Petersen made a name for himself by playing and beating the likes of Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Oregon and Oregon State. Now with the Huskies he’s all against giving the Boise States of the world a shot.

Ironically,Washington plays at Boise State to open the 2015 season and I’m sure the Broncos won’t forget how Pete voted. I’d get your tickets for that game asap.

At BSU Petersen was always telling his players “Be careful what you say”, he obviously wasn’t paying attention.

For the record, The Power 5 leagues are the Pac-12, Big 12, Big 10, ACC and SEC.