Real Estate continues to dominate the headlines in the Gem State.   Real estate agents have actually begun door to door soliciting in hopes of finding a home to sell.  The challenge is where will you move to?

Many folks who have decided to sell their homes are wondering, how do I get the most money for my home?  Can you just put a sign up and get big money for your home?  We've asked our local expert that very question and we'll have his answer for you in a minute.  If you're looking for the most money for your home, then you need to make sure your home is move in ready.  Is there a specific checklist that Idaho Buyers are looking for?  Greg Ferrera, host of the Real Estate Rescue Idaho, has put together a list of to dos before your home goes on the market.

Greg explains that the first step is to look over what makes your home tic.  Greg says, "there are several steps to getting your home ready to sell. Start by going thru your home and taking a look at the systems that keep your home operational, and take time to evaluate if they need to be serviced, updated, repaired or replaced."

Should you get a home inspect before you put your house on the market?  What is a home inspection?  Greg explains why getting a home inspection is a good idea before hitting the market.  "A Professional Home inspection is a good idea to have performed prior to putting up your home for sale," Ferrera shares.     he continues, "As it will show if there are any serious items that need your attention, and also prevent you from getting any surprises that may be expensive to fix. These systems are the following: HVAC system---Have furnace and AC units cleaned, serviced and replace filters. If it is over 20 yrs old, it may be approaching the end of life expectancy.Clean/replace heat registers in all rooms and check large  return registers for lint and dirt. "

Another factor that home sellers have to consider is the condition of the exterior of their homes.  When is it time to look at major repairs to the outside of the home.  Greg tells us that the roof is a critical major system in the home.  He explains what to look for, "take a look at the shingles, if it is over 18-20 yrs old, it might be a good idea to have a reliable trustworthy roofing contractor evaluate the condition and life expectancy. In many cases, an appraiser will call out the roof to be replaced if it is at or past life expectancy.  Exam the soffit areas for leaking, water damage, dry rot. Check the attic for leaks coming thru the roofing shingles."

Coming up tomorrow we'll look at more items that you should have checked before that big real estate payday.

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