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Kevin Miller Show 3/27/20
Kevin Miller begins the show by continuing to get reaction from the listeners concerning their reaction to the governor's stay at home order.  Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling joins Kevin to review how local cities are banding together to help their citizens...
When You'll Get Your Money
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
Every election year, politicians pledge to look out for us.  The coronavirus crisis has now put their promises to the text.  Recently, Congress has vowed to help those impacted by the shutdown of their industries.
Kevin Miller Show 3/26/20
Kevin Miller begins the show by interviewing Washington DC lobbyst Phil Hardy.  Mr. Hardy goes over the vote in the US Senate last night that approved the 2 Trillion Dollar stimulus package.  It now heads to the US House.  Financial Planner Dave Petso joins Kevin Miller with an outloo…
Kevin Miller Show 3/25/2020
Kevin Miller begins the show by interviewing local experts on the coronavirus.  Dr. Nikole Zoff, Director Southwest District Health, joins Kevin Miller updating him on the very latest.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their take on the events of the day...
Kevin Miller 3/24/2020
Kevin Miller begins the program by updating the latest the coronavirus in Idaho.  Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce joins Kevin Miller discussing how his city is handling the crisis.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners concerned about their future...
Kevin Miller Show 3/23/20
Kevin Miller begins the program by interviewing experts on the coronavirus.  Kevin Miller speaks directly with Congressman Russ Fulcher.  The congressman shares what the lawmakers are doing in Washington DC to help Idahoans.  Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Petso of Petso Financial who …
Revenge of The Wipe Swipers
Idahoans are lining up outside of grocery stores as they use to for their favorite music acts. Instead of getting the best seats, they're getting household items that were taken for granted a month ago

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