The Nampa School District is investigating an allegation of unfair treatment of a student and the conduct of a teacher at West Middle School.

Superintendent David Peterson says he has asked the Nampa Police Department to investigate threats made against staff at the middle school.

This all stems from an alleged threat against the school’s staff on social media, and no complaint has been made to the district.

According to The Idaho Press Tribune, a Facebook page says, “West Middle School owes an Apology,” after a students says a teacher had singled a boy out in class and called him “girl pants,” because of the skinny jeans he had on that day. Students and family members say that led to other classmates calling the boy similar names.

The family spoke to the teacher about the incident during parent-teacher conferences last week, but were not satisfied with the answer they received from the teacher. The family and the school’s principal also had a disagreement over the incident and family members say they were asked to leave the school.

Peterson said in a statement that a teacher at the school reported to administrators that he had been threatened by two men. The two men and two women were found in another classroom, and asked to leave after a verbal confrontation with the principal, Peterson said. Police were contacted, but the group had already left.

The disagreement has generated additional threats to staff at the school.

An investigation is on going.