Another one bites the dust. This store is officially closing their doors at the Boise Towne Square Mall.

Idaho Camera & Adventure is down to one last store after closing up shop at the Boise Mall. All that is left is their location at 1310 N. Orchard Street.

Idaho Camera has been here in the Treasure Valley since the 1940's. They opened their store at Boise Towne Square back in 1988.

19 stores have left the mall in recent times as they approach their 30th anniversary on October 19th.

According to, Idaho Camera was the only store left in the mall that had been there the entire 30 years.

Idaho camera started downtown Boise back in 1946, but that store closed a long time ago. They also had locations in Vista Village and in Nampa, but now the Orchard store will be the only one left.

Idaho Camera & Adventure is a go-to place for photographers and adventure seekers with gear like flashlights and telescopes. Luckily, they aren't gone completely and the Orchard location is just two miles away from the mall.

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