Father's Day

Unique and Locally Idaho Fathers Day Gift Ideas
Dad's a special guy and should be treated as such. What better way to show your love then getting good 'ol pops something memorable and local that he will love. If your dad loves Idaho and is proud to be here then you need to check this out.
What it Means to Be A Dad
Dads understand sometimes the kids come first. Fans of the Lion King call it the 'Circle of Life." Dads look at their kids seeing unlimited potential as they give love unconditionally.
A Father’s Day Thanks to all Dads
In a perfect world, popular culture would celebrate the sacrifice of Dads on every platform. That's a wish that I have until that happens, we can do our very best to tell Dad in person and writing, how they inspired us to be who we are.
Friday 06/16/17 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  From Fox News Radio - 6:40am - Tonya J Powers reports the latest on the shooting of Rep Scalise ; 7:35am - Rachel Sutherland follows up on the charity baseball game which Rep Scalise was practicing for when he was shot ; 8:35am - Jon Decker has the latest on President Trump...
An Open Letter Of Appreciation To Fathers
Time once again for our annual tribute to fathers. June 19th will be a day of greeting cards, gifts of ties, barbecues and endless Father's Day Sales. However, is it possible to measure the impact our fathers have on our lives? Probably not, yet we should never take for granted the unconditional love dads dole out daily.
A Salute To Fathers
Today is the one day of the year that we honor fathers.  Is the day  more than a boom for tie salesman, grill masters, and hardware stores?