Harley Brown

Kevin Miller Monday Morning
Kevin Miller takes calls on gay marriage, the veteran's scandal, and primary predictions.
Kevin Miller is joined by Senator Russ Fulcher who is running for governor.  They discuss tomorrow's primary.  Kevin discusses the scandal involving the VA...
Today Show Laughs At Idaho Kevin Miller Defends Gem State
Walt Bayes joined me earlier today to tell his side of the Idaho GOP debate.  The fallout continues as the national media attacks the Gem State.  Thanks to Dan Popkey in the Statesman for being the first to report the yuk fest.   This morning on the Today show the crew decided to give…
Idaho Debate Debacle
I must admit I was driving Mrs. Miller crazy last night.  As she was trying to watch normal television, I would not stop yelling, "Honey you have to see this!"
Kevin Miller Thursday Morning
Kevin Miller is joined by the choir and senior Greenleaf Academy Senior Madison Stinson.  She describes her time at Greenleaf and her future at the University of Idaho.  Kevin looks at the primary election.
Kevin Miller is joined by GreenLeaf Athletic Director Larry Taylor…