The Most Haunted Hotel in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington
Said to be haunted by both former guests and employees, these hotels are for the thrill-seekers looking to hunt ghosts on their vacations. Here I have highlighted the most haunted hotel in Idaho as well as our surrounding states: Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington. Just in case you are a scream chaser and want to take a road trip to check out all of the top haunted hotels.
5 Times That Old Idaho Penitentiary Has Been Featured on National TV
Boise is full of history. The Oregon Trail literally runs through the middle of town. There's the Pioneer Village at the Idaho State Museum and the Basque Cultural Center. There's the Boise Diversion Dam and the Boise Depot, and what is now the most famous of our historical sites, the Old Idaho Penitentiary...